Our Passion

Coffee is our signature!

It's the heart of our store, the reason Market Street Coffee & Tea exists. All our beans are 100% arabica with an AA rating and are roasted right in our store by our "head bean", Rick, to ensure the freshest coffee for you!

Our concept is simple: roast coffee so it's perfect to drink black. Many roasters roast their coffees intentionally bitter to be offset by a lot of cream, sugar and other ingredients in "fancy" drinks. We don't. Rick roasts each variety in small batches to optimize the taste and aroma for peak flavor.

"I just found the perfect coffee! Your Sumatra is wonderful. The most delicious coffee I've ever tasted. I can't wait to send some to my daughter." N.M., Corning

Need to cut down on caffeine? All our decafs have the same great taste as our regular coffees because they are decaffeinated using a water process. There is no bitter chemical aftertaste - just smooth, rich coffee.

Our flavored coffee is mixed in small batches, usually only two pounds at a time, giving you the most intense flavor. We are always willing to make a pound of exactly the flavor you want.

"I've traveled all over Europe. They have great coffee but I had to come back [to Market Street Coffee & Tea] to get the best." T.W., Corning

Our coffee bar is self-serve so you can create the perfect cup of coffee, exactly the way you want it. The bar has six different freshly-brewed coffees daily plus tea, hot cocoa and chai selections. Iced coffee and tea are available in season.

"There's nothing like good coffee. We used to drink Maxwell House and thought it was good. Then we had Starbucks and thought it was good. But then we had Market Street Coffee & Tea's and there's no comparison! We can't drink anything else now." M.S., Corning

The aroma that greets you when you enter the door is heavenly.
And it's FREE!
We'll give it to you every time you stop by.