Roasting Process

Our beans come from all over the world in burlap bags.
Each bag weighs approximately 150 pounds.

The raw green beans before roasting. When picked from the bush, the beans are bright red and called cherries. After drying, they are a dull green-tan color.

Our "head bean", Rick, scooping green beans to roast.

Rick weighing the beans. He roasts 16 pounds of beans at a time, which fills a five-gallon bucket.

Rick is pouring the green beans into the roaster's hopper. The silver part is the roasting drum is where the beans are actually roasted. The temperature for roasting coffee beans is between 400 and 500 degrees, depending on the country of origin of the beans. Some beans' characteristics are enhanced by a lower temperature, while others require a higher temperature to bring out their full flavors.

The roasted beans are being released from the heat into the open cooling area. It takes about 15 minutes to roast the beans and 10 minutes to cool them down. The silver blade in in the cooling area rotates to ensure even cooling of the beans.

Hot beans! Notice the steam rising above the freshly roasted coffee beans.

The cooled beans are being poured from the roaster into a five-gallon bucket. The freshly roasted beans need to de-gas for 24 hours before being ground.

Rick is ready to package freshly roasted coffee beans - just for you!